2018 Rates for Lessons and Coaching

At Three Lessons Farm:

Boarders:                          $65, 45-Minute Private

Ship-Ins:                            $70, 45-Minute Private

Training Rides:                $60

Coaching at Shows:

One Person:                      $110 Per Day

More than one Person:   $75 Per Day

Melisssa is currently taking on new students. Contact us for an assessment or to set up a lesson

Melissa is kind and patient with both horse and rider. She understands the mindset of each horse and provides training in a calm and relaxed manner, while supporting the individual needs and goals of riders.

- Barbara Bellis
Melissa is committed to the correct training of the horse and rider and makes riding enjoyable.
— Latefa Goldberg
Mel has helped us select wonderful horses and provided support and advice on how to keep ourselves going in this wonderful sport and how to keep our horses healthy and happy.
— Debra Blog